We, me…., we all have that one book that we have been waiting to write and have perhaps written most of it. You read for it. You go to the bed thinking about it. You dream about it.

Mine is set on an uninhabited island and the protagonist is an architect who designs a new settlement as a bid to create a model living plan for the earth. The concept germinated during a think tank project where a group of 89 minds, including a tiny bit of mine, gave ideas on how to create the ideal city for the 21st century.

It has taken me four years since and three chapters through to reach which I can now call a modern manifesto for living on Earth. IS it an ambitious one, I cant say, but I did have to leave a full time paying job to get time and energy to concentrate on what I feel is important to be out there.

The progress so far, the book is still to reach the benchmark of excellence. When you  are attempting a science fiction, the world changes so much faster, that you need to be on your toes and tango around with the facts, faster than the change itself . This is the dance I’m trying to master. Can you hear the music?