Who is Michael Narssi ?

Michael Narssi

Out of the many ways I can use to describe myself, I use the metaphor. Michael is a concept arisen out of the struggles of life.
I belong to a small hilly country, fate of which is still undecided. It is occupied by foreign forces while the family is scattered over the neighboring country. I was born close to the border, but time and fate has brought me closer to coastal areas, which triggered inspiration to write and bring my words closer to others. Displacement never affected me as I was lucky to be born in stable comfort. A bit too comfortable.
Life progressed as per the ideals of culture. Work happened and then I quit. Not working, but quit a regular 9 o 5 schedule. Ever since, life, C’est bein! Incidentally, most of my thinking is done in English, not in my native tongue; and middle school French comes to my rescue when words fail.
Michael still struggles to find meaningful work. Still aspires to write.

( Image appreciation to Monsieur Ben White. Thanks Ben!)

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