When does the writing begin…?

Thoughts fill up each minute of the hour. Mark Twain in his essay “How to tell a story” said that the humorous story is American, the comic story is English and the witty story is French. He also mentioned that he is “almost daily in the company of the most expert story tellers..”

To be in company or with others whom you regard as different in their approach, who have mastered a certain device or genre, great fortune.

Artemus ward, considered as America’s first stand up comedian, found an admirer of his style of humor in Mark Twain.

At this point, Michael paused.

I have incubated these thoughts for far too long a time. Hardly stressing my mind for the “perfect” word each time. Word do flow like water. Sometimes a a dew drop,  gentle spring, a meandering river and then gradually a waterfall. I wait for the waterfall. Everytime. Too rigid am I in my expectations, no patience for a structured word? A prompt to provoke, to clear the wrinkles of stress, the noise of thoughts and the incubation of time.


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