Facing another rejection.

How often do you send in entries to these writing contests? I’ll admit I started participating a couple of months back.

As I built plot after plot, valuable thinking time was used, or was it lost? Characters which could have been a book, were compressed into a short story after merciless editing to 5000 words, sometimes 1500 words. While I was slaving; housework began to pile, work projects delayed and the cat was disappointed that Michael Narssi was never around to play.

And I just received my third “rejection”.

Time to stop and think. Do I really want to do “this”?, where “this” stands for sending a writing entry to one of the various competitions in an effort to prove to myself; and those who profess to have unequivocal expertise to judge my written word, that I am Apple-Iphone-worthy ( that’s what they were giving you for a first prize) and fairly conversant with the art of writing. Maybe my narcissistic self denial of my weaknesses is an undoing. Or I’m simply unique, quite above the worth of over advertised material tech gadgets. ( wink)! I’ll go with the latter. Self deprecation never works.

To console myself, I offer to place the cat on the lap and she rejects my offer.

Tit for tat.


2 thoughts on “Facing another rejection.

  1. Kat says:

    I’ve been submitting short stories to magazines for a year now, and I’ve only been published twice, with over 30 rejections. Each time can be disheartening, but I also see it as a step towards another acceptance. You’ll get there in the end.


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