The making of Neil, the protagonist.

The book that I’m currently working on, can be placed more aptly in the genre of science fiction rather than another. Future based writers such as Asimov, or Thomas More’s Utopia, are primarily on my mind. In order to keep my style untouched by theirs and taking only inspiration, I avoided the temptation of reading science fiction books other than the few which were compulsorily part of school literature reading.

Developing a character for a future based book is also rather challenging. When I wrote Neil, the protagonist; four years back, for the first time; world was different from what it is today. I recently gave out a sample of the first chapter to a friend and she actually felt that she was reading about present times. This is the challenge that I am currently working with. As technology moves ahead, the speed of my writing has to keep many paces ahead. I might have to rewrite the setting of the character and that means going back to the working stencil and burning mid night oil again. I wonder how Sci Fci authors counter this challenge. What must be their speed of writing vs human evolution?

For Neil, I recently started working on a more visual format. Studying the generation between millennials and Generation Z. This keeps him quite current and pressurizes me to finish my writing faster.To prepare for the future, I first looked at the past. I looked up examples of this figment of my imagination on the internet and put together some visual from old magazines that I found where historic clothing & costumes were archived. Then followed blending with what could be the near future. I didn’t get any space suit or smart clothing, if you are wondering. I rather leaned towards the drab and the conservative. Maybe just my style.

Here is an excerpt of Neil’s Character Sketch. Let me know if you find him believable. I however believe in him and feel that there is a real life Neil in our current society who will one day take the world to the right path, free it of its demons and make living worthwhile once again for the common man.

Neil’s year 2000 birth placed him bordering between a millennial and a generation Z. His once flaming orange hair was now a dusty yellow. That apart, his brown eyes & beige toned skin were considered “rather too Asian”, by his other Caucasian skinned friends. He often wondered whether the overuse of electromagnetic radiation and a deadly soup of pollution & extreme climate, were the culprits.

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