How did I REALLY get 6,000 followers?

Milly’s secret sauce recipe to getting more followers on a writing blog. I hope to read this everyday and follow this.

The Cat's Write

This is a reply to an email I received from a lovely follower who wanted to know ‘my secret’. I don’t think there really is a secret, but over the years I have definitely learned a few tips and tricks from observing (and asking) the greats.

In general, these are some good rules to follow:

  • Blog consistently
  • Produce quality content
  • Blog about the same topic/area/subject
  • Find a niche to make you stand out
  • Take note of what generates the most interest
  • BUT… don’t get too obsessed with your stats
  • Get personal, but only with what feels comfortable
  • Be honest & genuine
  • Have fun
  • Write when inspiration strikes
  • Engage with other bloggers
  • Reply to those who comment on your blog
  • Reach out and comment on other people’s blogs
  • List your website on all social media
  • Don’t plead with other bloggers to visit your site

This is all really great…

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