Humbly I brag

There is a daily prompt that WP announces each day. Michael plans to take the challenge further. Every time I use a prompt, I also plan to use a literary device along with it.

Today the prompt is “Lecture” and the literary device I choose is verbal irony.

Verbal irony, according to this description, is when the meaning is intended to be the exact opposite of what the words actually mean.

Would “humble brag” be an ironical statement?

My opening line could be, “Once, there was a poor little prince.”

Further, “He didn’t have food, but a hen that lay a golden egg .”

Countless hours of lecture room preparation cannot prepare a writer. Nor can it prepare an artist. Nor an entrepreneur. Humbly I brag, that I scored the highest grade in the creative writing class. Result, however is not related to success. Success can be gained when the finished product is superlative. The dish you make has to be not only edible, but also likable. Isn’t it ironic that they still have courses for some of these skills, which from the talent are borne to succeed?



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